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Someoane here, from Romania. Great to hear from Romania! Thanks for saying Hello. Anonymous asked: Would you ever let your husband impregnate you? Anonymous asked: Current picture of daisy duke, first I I would like to thank you for opening up blog like this because it helps so many of us who have no one to talk with who actually love and enjoy this lifestyle.

I am very new to learning about this lifestyle I am an extremely successful alpha male that is considering actually taking on a cuckold couple that is in this lifestyle. I was wondering if you had any suggestions on finding a couple that is sincere and serious about this as a lifestyle? Please leave comments of supp You walked back home with the coffee, and the bagel in a paper bag. You walked through the park again, the same children running wild. This time you felt more annoyed than anything.

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Maybe it was jealousy, anger, or disappointment. Whatever you felt, it was towards Jimin. In the end Jiwoo was more important. She is his wife after all.

You put down your purchase on the kitchen island. What a shame that your hunger left with Jimin and Jiwoo.

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You probably took would two sips of the coffee. You figured it would be better to use fuck time cooking rather than getting drunk of off wine.

He was making his way out of the kitchen when he stopped next to you. He eyed your outfit for what felt like forever. Here we go. The tumblr criticism. You took a deep breath preparing yourself to what was coming. Namjoon gave you a compliment? Has hell frozen over?

You could probably pinpoint the last time he gave you you close to a compliment and it was two and a half years ago. You thank God anime porn com you had time to dress up before Wife showed up.

You wore a red dress and curled your hair just a little, letting it settle on your shoulders. You could hear faint sounds of the two men talking and laughing in the corridor. The lack of high heels clicking on the floor made you peek at the two men.

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Jimin was wearing light grey suit pants with a white dress shirt, shape of his muscles clearly showing. You smiled coyly at his words. You wanted him to just come hug you and kiss all of your worries away but this hurt even more. Well that sort of answered your previous question.

You are torn if her missing is a good or a bad thing. Namjoon lead you to your seat next to his, hand on your lower back almost touching your behind. As the host Namjoon poured all of you some wine and cut the roast, handing over you some first, then Jimin and then to himself. The men dug in, seemingly enjoying themselves, chit chat filling the room.

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You thanked both of the men with rose colored blush filling your cheeks. The approval of the two men who held most value in your life meant alot to you. Tumblr contract with Kim Seokjin is worth hundreds of millions. You never knew how much money was involved. He shot you a wink as he walked behind the taller man, making your heart flutter. Them going fuck the contract would leave you by yourself for an hour or possibly even two. So cleaning up the best nude websites room and the kitchen wife be the most efficient way to kill time.

You gathered up the plates and the utensils, you filled the dishwasher. You washed the pans yourself with an apron on, not wanting to get your dress dirty.

To an outsider it would look weird that here you are, in your kitchen trying to rub pans spotless in an expensive dress. It would just leave you more time to drown yourself in overpriced wine. Besides this kept your feet on the ground, making you feel like a normal human being.

Just the right timing as you cleaned out the dining table with a cloth, the men came downstairs. It was nice meeting you again Mrs. You heard a car start and leave the driveway. The doorbell rang not soon after the first car left. You opened the door and a blonde man stood in front of you. What were you supposed to think of this? Should you confront sexxy hot naked muscle gym about your insecurities, or use this situation for your advantage?

Your hands made the choice for you as they grabbed his shirt collar bringing him down, his lips met yours. Jimin slammed the door shut behind him, and quickly moved his hands to your face, holding it to deepen the kiss.

You pulled him with you to the living would, his lips only left yours in between breaths when he groaned. You pushed him on the couch and sat on his lap. You got his shirt open, his chest inflated with every breath drawing focus on his muscles.


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