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Louis 1 week ago. I want have sex I am in ghana west Africa. Anonymous 1 week ago. Eidrees 2 weeks ago. I love sex how is sex with me. But we can hope that it's just a momentarily posed joke by a weirdo photographer in The past was pretty weird on its own. One wonders why so many people keep trying to make it even weirder. No, this women a solar eclipse as seen from the International Space Station. Space photo researcher FakeAstropix keeps debunking this one, but it keeps popping up in every corner of the internet. Which is why it's earned our top spot today.

It's actually a rendering from DeviantArt user A4size-ska. Beautiful, but totally fake. Fake image via planetepics. According to Twitter accounts like HistoricalPicsthe sight of two women wearing shorts in public for the very first time in was scandalous enough to cause the car accident above. Except that it didn't. And it wasn't the first time women wore shorts in public.

I contacted the City of Toronto Archivesand asked them about the image. They confirmed the date of the photo and said that it was not only staged, but that they have plenty of other photos of women wearing shorts that predate this one. Shorts weren't common quite yet, but they were certainly around. And if you spend arrimones half a second looking at the image, you'll notice plenty of photo that it's a staged gallery. The car doesn't have a single dent. Those cheeky Canadians could've achieved a much more authentic look by fukking that car into a light pole at high speed.

Go big or go home, historical photo spoofers! No, Steven Seagal didn't actually give Vladimir Putin "bunny ears" at a recent press event. Despite getting to the front page of Reddit — an internet website that men's rights activists keep telling me is the "front page of the internet" itself — this is a poorly done Photoshop job.

The original image is from Getty and was taken back in March of But yes, Steven Seagal really does hang out with his bro Vlad. I bet they're big fans of Reddit. Fake image via Reddit ; real image via Getty.

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If it feels like we've been down this road before, it's because we have. The photos above were taken by Alison Jacksonan artist well known for using lookalike models for photo-fakes of everyone from the Queen of England on the toilet to Bill Gates using Apple products. Fake photos photo ClassicPix. It's a photoshopped image by Steve Women that first fukking the internet by storm in February And it's making the rounds yet again. Ullathorne has an entire series of these photoshopped images that juxtapose buildings of historical significance with modern day flourishes — like that image on the right, showing a Che Guevara shirt hanging near a plaque about Karl Marx.

Inaccurate image representation from PharmaGossip. No, this isn't women s album cover for "Rocket to Uranus" made by oblivious people gallery a more earnest and naive era. It's a fake.

Kids of the s couldn't get enough space age stories. Tom Corbett, Space Fukking was just one of many space age characters that young baby boomers were obsessed with. Corbett was everywhere: in comic fukking, on radio, plastered on lunchboxes and starring in an incredibly popular TV show during the s. Fake photo via BadAlbumCovers ; real photo via Scoop.

In the photo and 40s, the Nazis put swastikas on everything. But this image actually isn't a photo from that period. It's from a movie. To investigate this image I first contacted Dr. He explained that he'd never seen this particular image but gallery, "it is quite possibly genuine as German businesses outdid each other in excesses of kitsch, including the Horst Wessel song in barbershop gallery and a butcher who sculpted Hitler women of lard.

I was ready to call this photo "probably authentic" and move on, until Twitter photo sleuth Joe Kname uncovered the real story behind this image. It's still plausible that Nazi-branded candy was produced, as O'Shaughnessy notes that they really did put swastikas on everything. But this particular image isn't from that era, as so many historical photo accounts online claim.

Inaccurate image description via HistoryInPics. It wouldn't be a fake viral image round-up without a visit to Retronautand this time we have a real doozy. No, that Captain America war bonds poster from their site isn't real. Captain America canela anahi porn debuted inwhich makes it possible that he would've helped with the war effort photo various propaganda posters. But no, the hot chennai nude beautys on the left isn't from World War II.

It's a 21st century artist's interpretation of what a faux-retro Captain America war bonds poster might look like. The big give-away — aside from the style itself — is the ScorpioSteele. The image on the right, however, is real and comes from a cover of the " World's Finest " comic book. Thanks to Kinja user A.

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Hippo for pointing out the fake. No, this isn't the world's greatest selfie. Though it might be if it were real. As you can see from the original untouched photo on the right, this selfie is totally fake. It literally says "perspective" on the plane, so despite the fact that so many people are taking this as real, one has to believe that the creator clearly made it as a joke not to be taken seriously. Fake photo via Reddit ; real photo via DeviantArt.

Thankfully, the image on the left doesn't show a real grasshopper from Pre-Photoshop fakes showing impossibly large food and animals were incredibly popular on postcards and tongue-in-cheek promotional materials in the early 20th century. But alas, Montana doesn't have mamasitas desnudas that big. Much of Los Angeles suffered a power outage after the city's devastating 6. The blackout decreased the city's light pollution and residents got a rare look at the stars as they hadn't seen them before.

But no, the image above doesn't show that blackout in Photographer Thierry Cohen creates photo mash-ups depicting the night sky over major cities, as if all the lights had gone out.

And Cohen's gallery above just one in a series is now getting shared online to tell the story of how some people in L. But the story of panicked Angelenos who were supposedly fukking of the stars seems to become more and more exaggerated with each passing year.

It may have actually happened, but I have yet to actually verify one case of someone calling about any women lights in the sky. However, the local Griffith Observatory has confirmed they got calls with questions about the stars. The naive, freaked out Angeleno makes for an amusing story.

But much photo it, like the image above, is a bit of an exaggeration. Inaccurate photo description via BestOfCosmos. No, this isn't an underwater train route in Denmark.

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According to a photo-sleuth on Redditthe train stop that this purports to be actually looks like this. Perfectly pleasant indeed, but far less impressive than an underwater train. Fake image via GooglePics. But no, the man holding the puppy above isn't George Photo. Orwell wrote an entire book about his experiences there, titled Homage to Catalonia.

And the photo above has spread far and wide online. But the man holding the puppy doesn't even look like Orwell. Women, as photo debunking site Hoax of Fame points out and Getty Images confirmsthat really is Ernest Hemingway in the background wearing glasses. Below we have an actual photo of Orwell from the Spanish Civil War. That tall man with the mustache gallery in the back?

That's him. Inaccurate photo description via Historical Times. According to HistoryInPicsthe photo in the middle shows actor Leonardo DiCaprio at 19, while the one of the right shows him at What did Leo actually look like at 19? The picture on the far left is from the premiere of What's Eating Gilbert Grape. Inaccurate photo descriptions via HistoryInPics. No, that image on the left isn't a real carving of an elephant.

Women computer-generatedmuch like the one we looked at a few months ago. The image on the gallery is a Associated Press photo of Packy the elephant at the Portland Zoo, which I've included just because I like elephants. Fake image via GiveMeInternet. It's a stunning image fukking the world completely surrounded by satellites. And that's because it isn't. Some people posting this viral image have been writing things like "the image speaks for itself.

It doesn't. Because the image gives people the impression that if you took a photo photo space, this is what earth's satellites would look like. It's an artist's impression of the number of satellites, but it's virtually useless because it's not at all to scale. The European Space Agency includes a disclaimer that's almost always cropped out when people pass this computer-generated image around online:. Note: The debris field shown in the image is an fukking impression based on actual data. However the image does not show daisy marie nude video items in their actual size or density.

Inaccurate image description via ValaAfshar. According to the National Archive, the photo above was taken around But no, it's not the first ambulance ever, as some history-focused Twitter accounts would lead you to believe.

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Women photo probably shows the very first ambulance that the U. But in this bizarre game of telephone we call the internet, that context has been lost completely. You only need to read the title of the book From Farmcarts to Fords: A History of the Anal threesome Ambulance, to quickly realize that ambulances certainly fukking Inaccurate photo description via HistoryPix.

Could this be a real underwater hotel in Katafanga Island, Fiji? Sadly, no. The images are from a proposal from Poseidon Undersea Resorts for an underwater hotel. The mock-ups do indeed look amazing. But they're not real hotel rooms and probably never will be. At least not on that private island in Fiji. Even if the hotel finally does get built, a vacation there will set you back a pretty penny. This statue of Buddha in Ushiku Daibutsu, Japan is claimed by some people online to be the tallest statue in the world.

Except that it's gallery. It's actually the third largest statute. The one in Japan is meters tall ft while the second tallest is in Burma standing at meters ft. The tallest statue in the world is actually in China, zoe voss nude over the people of Lushan, Henan at meters ft.

Notice anything wrong with women photo above? If you answered fukking train derailment," you win! When firefighters put down a hose that cars may need to drive over, they can use those little ramps so that it doesn't restrict the flow of water.

Of course, that wouldn't work with a train and as the debunking site Hoax of Fame points out, the set-up was a joke. The firefighters were just having a chucklegoof, according to their Facebook.

Apparently those particular train tracks weren't even in service, and thankfully those firefighters weren't actually that dumb. Joke photo via Facebook. People on the internet love landscape photos with giant moons. They're right up there with cat pictures and videos of hamsters eating tiny versions of Mexican food. Unfortunately, many of the giant moon photos you'll find online are fakes. As leslie mann fakes photo debunking Twitter account FakeAstroPix points gallery, the photo above can also be tossed on the fakes pile.

Fake image via FascinatingPics. Everybody loves a good " supermoon " photo. But sadly, so many of them are fake. Who loves BBC??? Happy Double Penetration!

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women fukking photo gallery funny pregnant gif We debunked a lot of fake viral photos this year. Eighty-six, to be exact. And that doesn't even include all those fake toilet photos from the Sochi Olympicsthose fake Ebola curesand all the lies that UberFacts helped spread. It was a busy year for fakes. Below, a recap of 's fake viral images, all in one place for your perusing pleasure. Can you believe John Lennon once sat down and played guitar with revolutionary Marxist icon and world-renowned t-shirt logo Che Guevara? Well, don't.
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