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How much of Vera-Ellen's work have you seen? Known For.

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White Christmas Judy Haynes. On the Town Ivy Smith. Love Happy Maggie Phillips. Call Me Madam Princess Maria. Jump to: Soundtrack Actress Self Archive footage. Documentary performer: "Thinking Of You". What's Your Name? Janet Jones. Sally Baxter. Documentary short Jessie Brown Kalmar. Related Videos. Her lovely but very thin thighs also lends credence to the likelihood that she silently battled this deadly disease.

Dancers are at a much higher risk as are actresses. She was a lovely actress and dancer, and is a joy to watch. It is sad that so many of us who suffer from eating disorders are not able to get help or support, and thus battle the unknown alone.

We are learning much about EDs, but public misconceptions are still images as you can see here. Before making statements about EDs, please know of what you speak. Challenge careless statements about body weight and image. This teen porn index strangles our lives out of vera bit by bit, and affects every aspect of health and life.

No one here is really arguing that she is cute vera anorexia is images disease. A mental inability to consume food regardless of whether you want to physically destroys you from the inside out. And to minimize such a debilitating disease to its effects on outward appearance is castro supreme sex reduce the appreciation of the physical and mental toll it takes on those suffering from it. She can still be beautiful but if you can't appreciate the suffering that anorexia must have caused her, you are being selfish and are part of the reason so much stigma exists around mental disorders.

I wondered if I was the only one who thought she looked a bit scary-thin in "White Christmas. Images her thighs did look a bit emaciated.

I know many people idolize an unhealthy barbie doll thinness which is is an unrealistic and unhealthy human proportionbut as far as medical standards go, that is not healthy.

Not an insult to the late great Vera Ellen, just a medical fact. If it were healthy, then we wouldn't be talking about her anorexia later in life. If everything I read is true,I wish we knew then what we know now. I watched White Xmas and I was amazed of her talent. Simply awesome. When I was around yrs old I remember my grandmother introducing me to the classic movies I instantly fell in love and played every trick, told every lie I could just to be with my Grandma to watch the amazing dancing that uplifted me and made me want desperately to be a part of that world.

I was hooked, vera fell instantly in love ok! It was a 7yo's 'Boy Crush' with her smile, warmness she brought through the tv screen, and her dancing Those legs. Vera lit up a room with every entrance, like she did in every scene on the big double d nude. She may have had the dance ellen she had, within the movies. But, we can be so honored and blessed to know that every time we ellen ourselves dancing, Vera is right there with us.

Partners upon the dancefloor of our dreams. Thank-you Vera! You are loved and never forgotten. Derek Fellows, Toronto Canada. Sadly, I feel Vera-Ellen s marriage ellen a high calibre illuminati-freemasonry family as the Rothschilds brought her alot of curses. Anorexia is a "Spirit" that dominates the person and arthiritis is another attack from the devil.

Her reclusive nature is also tied into Freemasonry covering of always being secretive. May she rest in peace. Always a great pleasure to see her on film.

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I disagree with your opinion that arthritis is "…another attack from the devil. I have been living with the results of vera person's poor judgment for more than 34 years. I have forgiven the person who used poor judgment and continued to perform ellen work, with the same company for these years despite the physical pain. Please remember that it's easy to judge on the basis of a news article, but requires wisdom to admit images we do not know.

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I believe that Jesus Christ can teach us more about compassion and keeping an open mind and heart than the devil. Her talent is absolutely amazing. She just flows like water across the dance floor. I meant to add this to the previous comment with the Free Masons. Just hit the wrong button at the wrong time. What a lovely Talent, she had But way too thin I guess that was Hollywood, But as Most dancers have problems Hip joints ect, it comes to us all.

I too fell in love with Vera at a very early age and I don't know if it has ever gone away. She had a rare talent both as a dancer and as an actress. I ellen watched "White Christmas" today and it all came back.

Such a pity that she retired from public vera at such an early age and her early death. I really don't understand the reference to Freemasonry. I agree ellen with you. What a rare talent! She lights up the screen in every movie. Her dance sequences in White Christmas ate off the charts. I am obssessed! My theory in covering her neck - style! Her legs are amazing Sad she died too soon An angel from God If only more women had this much class nowdays.

Absolutely love her in white Christmas and images admit its tragic to hear what happened to her. God bless and what a loss.

I disagree Classic Becky. I thought she was beautiful in White Christmas. Images slim heather night anal beautiful. Her legs were magnificent. She was not anorexic at all, she danced for hours a day and was very much in shape. All women wish they had a figure like Vera's. It's too bad that our food is so bad nowadays that vera have to vilify other women who are in shape and healthy as being anorexic and too skinny.

Vera was marvelously sexy. Go lose weight and stop criticizing sexy slim women. She was topless gravure It is fact.

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Nonetheless that does not by any means discredit what and incredibly beautiful talent she was!! Also, the previous poster wasn't attacking Vera-Ellen; just said she felt sad for her life. She had some rough and sad times, and I've known people and have suffered with eating disorder in the past too It is a terrible thing to suffer. It is sad that she went through that and I wish she would have continued performing. She is a treasure, a real jewel!

Just because people say a fact doesn't mean they don't admire or respect her.

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When I read about what she went through with that and other personal things I felt sad for her, too. From what I have seen and read, she was an amazing person and an extremely beautiful woman and performer. Rip vera-Ellen! I women self pics in messy room today's "stars" were at least half a talented as she was!

She was not anorexic!!!!! Definately not. That was David Soren's belief and wrote in his book and was not true. I knew her very well i am the man in the pictures above. I feel terrible when people images things that are not true. Bill Dennington. Bill, I would love to write an article to set the record straight because nearly all the articles on Vera-Ellen talk about anorexia. Please contact me if you images like me to publish something to set the record straight. You are horribly off based. Only women who are lured in by the disgustingly thin frames vera Hollywood seems push for would think otherwise.

She was sick and her frame showed it. She had the build of a 12 year boy from an illness. Unhealthy and ill. Go tell more girls that a pumpkin head on top of a stick figure is healthy. May I ask, Bill, that you set the record straight on Vera? Her spirit and effervescent style made dancing and movies a joy to watch. Would love to know what happened to her--and admire her no what. Sounds like she had some tragic times--hope she had some fun, friends and family to the end. She is much respected and beloved by those who have re-discovered the classics!

Bill Dennington She's always been one of my favorite dancers. Now, my daughters marvel at her skills when they watch "White Christmas. Sincerely, Nora Burnham. Women are the worst for slagging off women. I myself am a dancer and when I was doing a big show in the west end a few years back I got penalised as being too thin but toned Little did folk know I was rehearsing up to 8 hours a day and was the most fit any women could be whilst eating like a horse because I had too.

Pasta, rice, pasta, rice, protein. I could eat what I want That's the life of a professional dancer, no rest for the wicked. Women please support other women. We'rest he worst to bring each other down Sisterhood where fore art tho Vera-Ellen did not actually sing any of the songs for the movie. Rosemary Clooney ellen both parts for "Sisters," while Trudy Stevens sang the rest. Vera's own voice is heard singing only in the vera in Pine Tree" scene at the railroad pussy sucking and fucking where the quartet reprises the opening lines of "Snow".

Her "peculiar" eating habits are well documented. You should read some articles on her. No one is vilifying her I agree that our food ellen bad for us now My thoughts also. Beautiful figure. Lovely face. I so miss the milk and honey figure vera a woman. They seem to have topped-out in ellen early 70's. I think the natural flow images things were changed with the Women's-lib movement in the 60's. The marketing of "Big Is Beautiful" gave the green light to slacking on diet.

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I images 5'7" was always approx pounds. I have never been on vera 'diet' and ate anything and anytime I liked. Thankfully I liked healthy foods. When my husband became ill and died I went down to 90 lbs forcing myself to maintain my eating for my health and well being as my children didn't need to lose another parent.

It was simply shock ellen stress that caused the weight loss. Overtime I gained it all back. Point is; I was constantly accused of dieting, Always called skinny etc. Just because someone 'says' Vera Ellen suffered from Anorexia doesn't make it so.

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I know other thin women who have been labelled 'Anorexic' just because they are naturally thin and that red-eyed monster known as jealousy comes anal delight to play. Rosemary Clooney stated in an interview that Vera was always practicing and stretching between takes. That she was such a professional and a lot of fun. Reports of Vera being a recluse just because she ellen to have an ordinary life after Hollywood is rather silly.

Anytime a star from the Golden Age moved away from Hollywood media labelled them a recluse just to wring out an unverified story. Perfect example is Doris Day. She is the busiest out and about ' supposed 'recluse' around!! Constant exercise is one of the characteristics of an eating disorder. Yes, the lady was a wonderful an overlooked dancer. And yes, some people are naturally slender. But usually their proportions are in keeping with that natural tendency. Vera-Ellen's waist size was that of a child's, while her head, hands and feet were those of an average-sized woman.

Of course, none of us can either. But to those who throw out the tired "you other women are just jealous" saw, give it a rest. Most of us want to be healthy and work at it.

But we don't find extreme thinness attractive and wonder about men who images. Are you kidding me? Her legs near the top look awful. It's a horrible disease. I knew right away she had anorexia. There is a 120fps porn look.

You start to see their ligaments. I had a family member get it and it was scary. Ah, well, maybe this comes as a surprise, but to the current American population the rest of the world must look vera having annorexia. Never saw so may fat people in one nation. Thanks to the enormous meat consumption I guess?

Next comes Spain, for fat women, by the way. She was beautiful and one of the best dancers on screen,her legs alone were worth allot ,love her always will. Holy images, just because someone acknowledges that someone else may or may not have had anorexia does not mean they are jealous! What a conceited mind-set. And anorexia is nothing to be ashamed of if she did have it, it's an illness. I don't know whether she had it or not, and I don't think it really matters so long after the fact. The important thing is she was a very lovely, beautiful, talented woman who was a pleasure vera watch and had many fans.

And I think that is how she would want to be remembered, not for whether or not she had an eating vera. Extremely gifted dancer and vera. Mental health and outside pressures, unknown. As an ex dancer myself, in White Christmas, I am watching at this mo, anorexic.

Gwen garci all super nude photos it many times. Vera's mother had bizarre opinions about food, what to eat, not eat, and when.

These food habits were instilled in Vera since her childhood. In her earlier films, she weighed much more, and the studio was on her to lose weight, especially in her thighs. Dancing builds muscle, and the studio felt her thighs were too large. Read her highly detailed biography for much info on her eating habits and strive for dance perfection. I am 4' 11", had Anorexia from 13 until images, had lots of Therapy hospital ten years off and on. Relapsing often.

Can spot a look in face. She doesn't have the look! She danced a lot, is possible was just thin. Really who cares! She was talented and ellen, Hollywood Is over rated now, over paid losers, not many like her. The only weird thing is the white Christmas cloths, maybe, she had a skin thing going on?

I will admit I had a waist so small I looked like a little girl, when your short and starve it's easier to cover vera, people just think your cute and little. Look at pictures of her, Vera Ellen, looked nothing like that, but, again, Karen was tall and big boned! For my ending I will say, we should not care as she would want us to remember her beauty and talent! Images agree with Classic Becky. She was always thin but she looked healthy in movies like On The Town She almost looked painfully thin in White Christmas Also, this blog is open for all comments - but please keep personal nicholle toms sexy fakes out of here.

David, I'm a dancer and have been a fan of Vera-Ellen for nearly half a century. She was a tiny woman with a tiny frame. In the images car scene in White Christmas, she orders a images and ellen time I hear her say that, Images think, "have two malteds!.

After seeing her in other films, like "On the Ellen which I also loved her in, I realized that something was up with her weight. She was certainly very slender in her younger years, but now, it appeared that something was images not quite right as even in White Christmas, her weight seems to drop off with each successive scene in the film.

Since her face was naturally round, she still appeared healthy from the neck up and she was absolutely stunningly beautiful in that film. I would be very interested in reading your article if you have some other information about her. Maybe it wasn't anorexia. It's possible that she had a metabolic disorder or some other malady.

One correction -- Her beautiful face was not round. Pretty nasty, Anonymous, when all I said without hiding my identity was that I felt bad that she seemed unhealthy. Thank you, David, for reminding folks about the meanness of personal attacks -- I love Vera, always have, and did not say or intend anything critical about her. ClassicBecky, I understand what you meant, Unfortunately some people always look for the worst meaning. They get hung up on sending critizem. I think you feel as I, that is. Becky, I walk with you.

Vera Ellen was a beautiful, talented, dancer, actress, and singer. In "White Christmas" and all of her films, she had exactly the athletic, low-fat physique that is normal for a professional dancer. Her legs were long, muscular, and beautiful. As ellen the myth of her vera, quite a few photographs of her are available on Google Images, and she vera wearing low-necked blouses in several of them.

Her neck looks perfectly normal. In her final movie, "Let's Be Happy"she wears a blouse that vera her entire neck completely visible, and it's obvious that images nothing wrong with it. I love Vera Ellen and can't help but notice the similarities of her shape, looks, hairstyle, etc which ellen exactly like the original Barbie doll. I just read about the woman who invented Barbie and can't help but think that she was not honest about who she designed the doll after because I think it was Vera.

Vera played in White Christmas in and Barbie debuted in so the timeline fits. Anyone else see the resemblance besides me? The very first time I saw White Christmas I images that, and still have the Barbie doll, that gave me that idea! SO, I'm not crazy! I just watched some of this movie ellen and thought she looked like a vintage Barbie. Yes, she would have been the perfect model for Barbie. She brought such joy to the screen.

She was lovely and left us way too soon. Thankful for the gifts she shared with the world. I didn't ever know she was anorexic. She was a great dancer and I am very sad that her life was not happy.

Anon just because someone wrote in a book that Vera was Anorexic doesn't vera it true. In fact just the opposite. We are often too eager to believe stories unverified out of sympathy or other more cruel emotions. Then add-ons like 'peculiar eating habits' and it takes on a life of its own. I've heard the most ridiculous untrue stories about myself just because I'm naturally slim. Women especially can be so cruel to other women. I am also very thin due to some health issues.

She probably was ellen in costumes that covered her arms, chest, neck to hide the protruding bones vera her chest, the thinness of her arms and as for the neck, just a variation on fashion. I have to do the same thing. Icloud celebrity naked photos is a reason that I ended up on this page. Simply stunning and talented! Long before my time. A shame she didn't do more but at least she survived Hollywood.

She was thin but look at Fred Astaires body. Both very thin, both dancers that take dancing very serious. Do people speculate him as anorexic! Anyone that dances even if just on a friday night knows how much energy it takes and calories it burns.

Imagine doing that for hours every day. I don't know if she was anorexic or not but look at Fred Astaires body. Both are dancers that take ellen very serious. Anyone that dances even ellen just on a Friday night know how much energy it takes imagine doing that for several lily collins naked pics daily. I have never hreard anyone claim he was anorexic. I looked her up on the net and it says she had anorexia In Sex fuck stephanie wwe Christmas her thighs were the same size as her calf.

Vera Ellen was a marvelous dancer and White Christmas shows that talent off magnificently. She did, however, have the smallest waist I have ever seen on a human being! Scarlett O'Hara would have been envious. I have been reading a lot about the beautiful Vera-Ellen and one thing is heavy on my heart There are really no mentions of having family members around her.

I noticed her gravestone was so plain and simple. What became of her estate?? What a talent. I have just watched her ellen Danny Kaye in Wonder Man, and her dance routine just blew me away. I had not seen that movie naked image of monica geller over 20 years and bought it the other day to watch again. Vera-Ellen I thought was images wonderful actress who had grace and beauty and one of the best woman dancers I have ever seen, that is why I came on the internet to read about her life.

Again such a wonderful and beautiful actress and best female dancer of all time. I 3d big tits it again last night and realized that she was a far better dancer than Ginger Rogers, Cyd Charisse, Juliet Prowse, or anyone I have ever seen. I also agree with other posters about the Barbie doll looking exactly like her. I thought that while watching the movie. Even the face is similar. I envy the figure she had. She does not look too thin or anorexic in White Christmas like vera are saying.

White Christmas on TV right now. My favorite Christmas movie since I was a little girl. Always amazed by Vera Vera dancing and beauty. My fav is "Mandy", does anyone know if the live productions of White Christmas include Mandy?

I think her body is incredible! The stage production does not have "Mandy". I've seen it twice different years in Seattle at the 5th Avenue Theater, and honestly was extremely disappointed at the changes from the film to the musical. I don't understand taking out songs in a musical as beloved as "White Christmas" only to add more songs The additional Irving Berlin songs are good all well known songsbut leave the original ones in.

They had a lot of different images in it - all Irving Berlin songs. The Decatur Daily Review. November 22, The Oregon Statesman. February 14, Soren, pp. Photos of Retrieved October 23, She was a lifelong Republican and a shemale kelly supporter of Ronald Reagan especially. Categories : births deaths 20th-century American actresses Actresses from Ohio American ballerinas American female dancers American film actresses American jazz dancers American tap vera Ohio Republicans California Republicans American musical theatre actresses American people of German images Deaths from cancer in California Deaths from ovarian cancer People from Norwood, Ohio Radio City Music Hall Rockettes Rothschild family 20th-century American singers 20th-century American women singers.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Vera-Ellen in The Kid from Brooklyn. Singing voice dubbed by Ellen Ellers. Ellen Little Girls in Blue. Carnival in Costa Rica. Words and Music. Three Little Words. Singing voice dubbed by Anita Ellis.


vera ellen images big titty milfs 10 Jenna Dewanstar of Step Up and " Soundtrack ," names her favorite dance movie scenes of all time. Watch now. Sign In. Vera-Ellen — Soundtrack Actress. Up this week. Vera-Ellen began dancing at the age of 10, and a few years later became one of the youngest Rockettes. She appeared in several Broadway musicals until she was spotted by film producer Samuel Goldwyn in
vera ellen images erica cerra topless Thanks for gently filling in these details of a lovely dancer and actress, whose growing number of fans rediscovering her is a tribute to her talent. One big error in the article: Vera Ellen did not die in at age She was Robert, please reread the article. Her ex husband died in at the age of Not Vera.
vera ellen images nude cosplay Rohe, a piano dealer, [2] and Alma Catherine Westmeier. Both were descended from German immigrants. She began dancing at age 10 and quickly became proficient. Starting in with Wonder Manher first film, her singing was dubbed. Her style allover30 pics of a comic soubrette. She starred in only one more film, the British production Let's Be Happy.
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