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Then you can graduate to something stronger, something made of wood, maybe with a metal base, better chain, that kind of stuff. Do you still have them? Have you seen any good movies lately?

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And this is the story of them coming together. Had you read the comics before seeing the movie? I was never a fan of the comics. I knew a couple of the characters just because they cross over in so many ways.

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The Marvel universe is so dense. But that movie. What did you think about the ending? The after tag? He told me that was just for fun.

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You could do whatever you want. A Howard the Duck movie could be kind of a game-changer, though. I think the Marvel universe has other stories to tell first.

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That character may make a reprise in some other movies, but I would not expect it to be its own movie. Especially in the case of women in this industry. They owe us that. Look at the way that kids are representing themselves to each other.

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