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For example, if you take an auto-rickshaw tuk-tuk and you talk to the auto driver while he is driving, he might not make a sound to acknowledge what you said. Instead, he will reply with a silent head nod. No words are needed. And everyone will like you.

Why Do Indians Shake Their Heads?

This is a unique mix of a No and Yes Bobble which, much like Indian religion, has to be understood in totality and not in parts. It is usually highlighted by indian your head gently three times right to left, pausing, and then nodding once like an iguana.

You can see Indians doing bobble at a music session or even your neighbor while watching a singing reality show on TV. The iguana nod is accompanied to a beat. I recently shot a documentary on Indian classical music and saw a French head mesmerized by the Connoisseurs Bobble.

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You'll find that the further south you go in India, the more prevalent the head wobble becomes. People from south Indian states such as Kerala are very enthusiastic head-wobblers, whereas in the mountains of north India, the gesture is less common.

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Without a doubt however, the head wobble is the one universal gesture that unites all Indians. Cultural and language barriers miraculously dissolve with a wobble. It's definitely a case of "actions speak louder than words".

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Sailm's driving is dexterous, efficient and friendly. Unlike most other drivers on Indian roads he doesn't use his horn constantly, but has disconnected it. Directly saying "no" is widely considered to be impolite or disrespectful in Indian culture. Giving a vague wobble is one way of not making a firm commitment without being offensive. This even causes Indians to get exasperated! Some people will also give a vague and unenthusiastic wobble if they're feeling undecided or indifferent.

For example, when asked if they want to go to a particular restaurant.

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As a television journalist I learnt it is an extremely useful gesture. The BBC used to call them Noddies. After an interview, we would often ask celebrities, politicians and businessmen to give us a few Noddies.

We would record this separately and insert it later. It would make the interviewee look in agreement or thoughtful to what was being said while actually during the recording the interviewer was spluttering like an idiot.

But the Yes Bobble in India is different from the Western nod. The head sometime dips many times to emphasize the Yes Bobble.

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indian head bobble wife friend threesome The Indian head head is a non-verbal, short and quick mode of communication and depending on how the head and chin is moved, it could have several meanings. When an local slightly dips his head and ducks his chin quickly about three or four indian, it means he agrees with you. You will observe that the same head shaking gesture is used by someone to show their gratitude. At such times the head nod is accompanied with a smile. So, next time you tip your driver or bobble guy who helped you park, you will see this head nod with a grateful smile.
indian head bobble ron jeremy cunnilingus Be warned. I am going to share with you something that will forever change your perception of more than a billion people. If you are an Indian it will bring you inner peace and smug satisfaction, and help you avoid much humiliation. If you are a foreigner, it will lead to spiritual salvation. If you are in business it will lead to a paradigm shift of your vision and mission statement. And if you are Mark Zuckerberg you may be tempted to replace smileys with "bobbles.
indian head bobble nayanthara sex video download The peculiar Indian head shake, wobble, or bobble is the source of much confusion and wonderment among foreigners, especially the first time one is confronted with it. It looks like a cross between a nod and shake, but does it mean "yes"? Or, does it mean "no"? Or, even "maybe"? The confusion is increased when the gesture is silent. However, once you discover the meaning of the head wobble and its many uses, what's really surprising is how infectious this gesture becomes.