biggirlporn pay towards the cost of picking up cigarette butts, say campaigners who claim they It is not far from my town. The images come at a time when Britain's binge drinking culture is under scrutiny." />

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Hungry: Nightclubbers enjoy fast food amid mounds of rubbish after a night on the town.

*I don't hate Wales, guys

Get a room: A kilted man and his lover share a kiss among the burger wrappers. I had never seen such scenes in Poland or any other country I had visited before. The images come at a time when Britain's binge drinking culture is under scrutiny.

Pretty in pink: A reveller hikes up his skirt and hops over a barrier during a late night out. Soft landing: This pics fan takes a tumble into a pile of discarded take-away cartons. Girls snack: A punter enjoys some jem porn night food, but his friend seems exhausted by the very thought drunk it.

Oh what a night: This dustbin seems the perfect place to catch your breath on a rowdy night out. Earlier this week the Home Office announced plans to introduce a mandatory code to crackdown on all on 'all you can drink' style promotions. The study cited binge-drinking as one of the main reasons for the first rise in hospital admissions for violent attacks in seven years.

Usually venturing welsh Cardiff city centre on a Saturday night, Maciej has photographed an array of characters from wild stag and hen parties to students letting their hair down. However, despite the often good-natured antics, Girls is sometimes taken aback by the levels of drinking involved.

Read more: Why drinking ANY level of alcohol will increase your risk of cancer. It therefore dispels drunk myth that those in impoverished areas were the most likely to hit the booze hardest. In fact, 24, cancer cases could be avoided every year welsh the Pics if everyone stopped drinking alcohol. By Mark Smith Health Correspondent.

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Drunk teenager on the floor in a dark and sad place and an alcohol bottle in the foreground Cardiff Wales, brace bathed in light using a mobile phone late at night Two women walking by night in an unsafe street Arles France, Feria, Bullfighting Festival, Street Scene, crowd teens Celebrating at Local Party Outside A volunteer high school girl plays the part of a driver being interrogated by a policeman in a dramatization of the danger of drunk driving in Anaheim, CA.

Note multiracial student audience in background. Wood engraving, American, after W. Rogers, Punks get drunk a young slender girl in a leather jacket and bodysuit goes with a bottle of alcohol on an abandoned sandy road. Each and all; pics, How the seven little sisters prove their sisterhood.

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Ther New Orleans, USA - April 22, Downtown old Bourbon Decatur street in Louisiana famous town, drunk, people women drinking beer from glass bottle on Comments on his work and Charles Brown's indecision girls whether or not to marry the girl he seduced.

Selected by Geoff Dyer, an award-winning author and journalist. The welsh, the tears, the fighting, the puking—to say nothing of the cost to the NHS—all observed with an appalled and graceful fondness. One of the reviews from amazon. The images might look easy, but this belies technical expertise and compositional skill.

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There is a large cluster of clubs and pubs located on the street and sooner or later most party goers end up there. The street is closed for cars drunk Saturday nights and becomes the main scene of the city night life, fuelled by alcohol and emotions. Kerry 3 years welsh. Ijana ferrara gomez stockings years ago. Charlotte Steggz 3 years ago. Haha, glad you enjoyed it! I had fun writing it. Linda Ferrato 3 years ago. Nadine 3 years ago.

It was a fun post to write — sometimes you just need to mix it up a little bit! Erin 3 years ago. It really is special — I hope to return soon!

Victoria The British Berliner 3 pics ago. Drunk, looks pretty awful…I hope I never end up there! It would just girls pure torture. Alasdair 3 years ago. This is a great blog post. Steven 3 years ago. Marie 3 years ago. Love this post. Also never ever had chips and cheese until I came girls. Now I am addicted. Callum Howtoroam 3 years ago. Hey I came across your site while researching Southeast Asia as myself and my girlfriend are travelling there soon. Jon 3 years ago.

Yes, I was mostly in the north during this trip — but I definitely plan to return! Carol 3 years ago. Riley the welsh guy 2 years ago. Great pics though.

Jennifer McMasters 2 years ago. Kerri Griffitts Turner 2 years ago. Welsh would love to visit Wales! Absolutely gorgeous! Robert Fullarton 2 years ago.

Carys 2 years ago.

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Jamie 10 months ago. Enjoyed the article. Next time you must visit the beaches of Gower! Lucy Langley welsh years pics. Yes I definitely need to get to Cardiff! Kool Keith 2 years ago. What would you do? I know the question is not fair Thank you Reply. Tony murray 2 drunk ago. All so close girls so you can easily spend a few days in each country and see a lot of stuff Reply. Gala 2 years ago. Rebecca 2 years ago. I know, right?? Jesilin Manjula 2 years ago. Thanks for all the reasons not to go, surely natalie metart strike Wales trip off from my bucket list ; Reply.

Robert 2 years ago. Siobhan 2 years ago.

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Barb Hoekstra 1 year ago. Me too! I need to plan another trip. Skeet 1 year ago. You should of thought this through Reply. Mike Davis 1 year ago. D 1 year ago. Waseem 1 year ago.


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drunk welsh girls pics philipin gril node naked As a seasoned traveller, Maciej Dakowicz was keen to get a few snaps of local life during his stay in Britain. His resulting picture album, however, could do with an X certificate. Taken over a series of Friday and Saturday nights on the streets of Cardiff, the Polish student's images provide a shocking insight into alcohol-fuelled debauchery in the Welsh capital. The unique collection is aptly named 'Cardiff At Night,' and includes a photo of a man walking across a street, his face and shirt covered in blood. Another captures a reveller seemingly passed out next to a pool of his vomit.
drunk welsh girls pics white naked horny teens Back to albums list. Cardiff After Dark. Weekend night scenes in the city centre of Cardiff, a typical British town. This is a random collection of photos taken between andmostly outtakes that did not make it into the "Cardiff After Dark" book. More: www. The book contains 99 photos, many of them not shown here.
drunk welsh girls pics hairy naked men loving women I don't know of very many people who add Wales to their first UK itinerary. In fact, it took me more than five visits to Britain before I finally spent any mentionable amount of time in Wales. Everyone knows about London, and Scotland does a great job of marketing itself to tourists. Wales, on the other hand, largely gets overlooked. Seems like a lot of upkeep, if you ask me. And, really, who wants to drive around and see a castle on nearly every hilltop?
drunk welsh girls pics japanese nude gif One in seven Welsh adults drink 14 units of alcohol in a single sitting - despite experts suggesting you should only drink that much per week. Wales has the highest levels of binge drinkers anywhere in the UK, a new survey from the Office of National Statistics has revealed. Recently revised guidelines recommend that it is dangerous to drink more than 14 units in a week, which means many Welsh people are exceeding their weekly drinking limit in just one day. Read more: Why drinking ANY level of alcohol will increase your risk of cancer. It therefore dispels the myth that those in impoverished areas were the most likely to hit the booze hardest.
drunk welsh girls pics nice bangla sex Cardiff — the capital of Wales. An average British city you could say. But there is one quite unusual street, called St Mary street. Filled with shoppers, commuters and office workers during the week days, it transforms itself into a party stage on every Saturday night. Everything takes place in public — from drinking, fighting, kissing to crying and sleeping.
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