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Please note as the receiver you are liable for all import duties, customs and local sales taxes charged by your country - these charges may have to be paid to enable customs to release your sexy windy skirt. We recommend you investigate the import duties, customs and local sales taxes you may be liable for. If you refuse to pay the import duties your items will be destroyed by customs and we will not be able to refund any costs to you. If goods are lost or damaged in transit, please contact DHL and they will assist you with locating your parcel.

DHL can be contacted crop the the following numbers:. After contacting DHL if you have any further issues topless contact us at thenakedtiger gmail. The Naked Tiger is not liable for packages lost in transit or crop packages that the customer has give DHL Express authority to leave without a signature. All import duties or taxes that a customer may incur are payable by the customer. These taxes are imposed by the government of the country the customer is shipping to. Please read our returns policy carefully prior to returning any items.

If the returns form is not included we will not be able to process your return. We do not topless or exchange any swimwear bottoms, swimwear sets, earrings, underwear or intimate items bodysuits.

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Full screen. Minimal: The Caught A Good One top features neon yellow mesh sleeves and a polyester and spandex black crop top underneath. Eye-catching: The Show It Off lounge set hoodie, available in black and blue, consists of cotton and polyester long sleeves, with the fabric finishing just under the collarbone. Coordinating: It's teamed with high-waisted boy leg briefs in a matching hue.

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